• Stories to Remember

    Sometimes one just run out of snow… It doesn't mean one should not continue enjoying the skies. Norwegian pro kiter Kari Schibevaag checked out the Saharan Desert. With skies. What a sight it must have been for the one truck driver passing through the sand dunes.
  • The Magic of a Time Machine

    Cuba has a particular vibe and feel to it. It's like entering a time machine with magical surprises that can't easily be explained. At least I have a hard time explaining it. After traveling from Havana to Holguin I realized that this place only can be portrayed if you let it. Let Cuba show you the way…  Read More
  • Ship Me Somewhere!

    I stumbled across this almost forgotten feature of the US in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Don't see these everywhere anymore… Rincon caught my heart and revealed a quirky life under the surf town image. Things are not always only what they seem… 
  • Good Morning, Dakhla!

    There are some moments that make you feel humble. This is one of those moments. Would you believe that this is in the middle of the desert, in the Saharan Desert? Before I was so fortunate to physically sit there and soak this view in, I had no idea that the desert was hiding this little secret. A lagoon. 40 kilometers from the coast. This is the end of the lagoon. The nearest town is Dakhla, a decent car ride away, with secrets in every grain of sand...
  • Street Fashion

    Shooting fashion is fun! All the elements need to match; the model, the light, the location, the clothes and the creative inspiration and art direction from the photographer. Sometimes it is fun to take the shot out of the obvious surroundings. This shot is taken in a little surf town in the Caribbean, but who can tell...
  • European Adventures

    From time to time, Europe is calling. The last trip was open-ended, but Amsterdam won the battle and delivered some fabulous adventures and experiences. Amstel River gave us a sweet moment on our last night of walking Amsterdam. A highly recommended way to get to know the city. Watch out for getting lost, though. The bridges all kind of look the same...
  • Musical Melting Pot

    Local musicians Van Avakian and J.P. Polsoni hooked up with blues guitarist Eric Gales and Living Colour bass player Doug Wimbish in a musical adventure for the DREAM children.
  • Music for the Children

    Living Colour bass player and Wimbash founder Doug Wimbish joined forces with the local charity organization the DREAM Project, to raise funds for the the DREAM Music Program for children. Grammy award winning Living Colour rocked Cabarete Beach with local and international artists and bands during the Wimbash>>Cabarete 2013 event. In the photo: Vernon Reid
  • Documenting People

    I like people. In particular people who make a difference and I am sometimes so fortunate to catch them in their true environment. This is Ron Zauner, one of the heroes out there. Ron took the initiative to help the people of Barrio Blanco, one of the poorest villages in the Dominican Republic. Ron builds houses for those in true need, changing not only their lives, but the community that surrounds them. I am lucky to know Ron and capture him in a quiet moment between the battles.
  • Behind the Scenes

    We don't always get to see what goes on behind those amazing magazine shots. This one is from our road trip in the Dominican Republic, where kite photographer Christian Black and Alex Soto nailed down a sweet series of double page photography that made it to a quite a few magazines around the world.
  • Product Shots

    Cigars, food, clothes or other items that needs publicity. Shooting products is time consuming and tedious work, but so much fun! This one is pure Dominican Culture. Did you know that a cigar passes by approximately 200 hands in production before it hits the shelves.
  • Catching Moments

    Some moments are magic. Catching them on camera is equally magic. This photo with kiteboarder Aryen Gonzales was supposed to be a head shot session, and then this dog came in just as the sun peaked through the palm tree. It was one of those magic moments.
  • A Piece of Kiteboarding History

    It's a humble feeling when the opportunity comes to be shooting with kiteboarding legends. Dimitri Maramenides from Epic Kiteboarding has set many standards for the sport throughout the years.
  • On the Road Blogging Away

    It's a blessing to be able to travel. Even more of a blessing being able to travel to document from the life of kiteboarders. Western Sahara called my name one day, and I hit the road with kiteboarder Nico Suriel. An adventure in the desert of Dakhla, Morocco. A dedicated kiteboarding spot. Click your way into the Blog section to see more.
  • Opportunities and Community Work

    There are opportunities everywhere in life. Sometimes it's hard to see them. Being introduced to all the selfless people who give from themselves and put their time to improve and help others have changed my life. I am humbly grateful for being included in this work. Respect...
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In the Blog:

Wimbash Cabarete Gallery

Jonathan Wunderlich and David Zinaman from the DREAM Project
Organizer David Zinaman
Mrs Wimbash, Diane, and Jonathan Wunderlich from the DREAM Project
Welcome to Wimbash Cabarete!
Metamorphosis Dance Group
Yakirt Circuito Negro
Circuito Negro
Circuito Negro
Wimbash Cabarete 2013
Vernon Reid - Living Colour
Vernon Reid - Living Colour
Vernon Reid - Living Colour
Metamorphosis Dance Crew
DJ Rampage!
Corey Glover
Vernon Reid having fun
LAX Cabarete
Metamorphosis Dance Crew
Metamorphosis Dance Crew
Yakirt Circuito Negro
Vernon Reid's pedal setup for Wimbash
Doug Wimbish energy
IThe Wimbash Setup
IMG 9649 s
Living Colour lead singer Corey Glover
Corey Glover - Living Colour
Living Colour Bass Player and Wimbash Founder Doug Wimbish
Will Calhoun from Living Colour
Living Colour Drummer Will Calhoun
Wimbash Cabarete 2013 pedals
Living Colour's Will Calhoun
Doug Wimbish at the Wimbash Cabarete 2013
Corey Glover and Living Colour
Corey Glover at Ojo
Doug Wimbish playing at Ojo Sky Lounge Cabarete for the Wimbash Cabarete Festival
Living Colour at Ojo Sky Lounge Cabarete

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    3 days, 3 continents, 4 flights and the PKRA with Cabarete kiteboarder Nico Suriel Read More
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    Cuba has a particular vibe and feel to it. It's like entering a time machine with magical surprises that can't Read More
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